Why is it important that the payment method on Facebook is active?

If the payment method is down, Facebook and Instagram campaigns will stop running. Not running on Facebook & Instagram directly impacts your bottom line, as it is the main source of generating sales. Meanwhile, your potential customers will receive ads from your competitors and will be closer to making a purchase on another brand's website. regularize the payment method in order to reactivate your campaigns!

Try to pay with the same payment method

Before modifying the payment method, we recommend that you contact the credit card issuer so that they enable any transaction coming from Facebook. Verify with them that:

👉🏼 Your card has online payments enabled.

👉🏼 Your card does not have a block on the bank.

👉🏼 Your Facebook payments are not blocked.

Once you have checked that your card has everything enabled, follow the next step by step or watch this video.

1 - Log in to Business Manager with a user you have access to.

2 - Go to business settings, on the button at the top left of the screen.

3 - In accounts, go to "Advertising accounts". Click on the account in which our campaigns run.

4 - Go to "View payment methods" by clicking on the arrow next to "Open in ad manager".

❗️ Attention! If you do not see this arrow, it is because you are not added as a person to the account. In this case, go to the "Add people" option. Search for your user, select it and then give yourself access to "Manage advertising account". By clicking on "Assign", you should see the arrow to be allowed to do step 4.

5- Once inside, click on the pay now button.

If when you click the button you are not allowed to make the payment, then you must contact Facebook support to do so. If the support tells you that the payment can not be made with this method, you must enter another credit card.

How to add another payment method on Facebook?

Having done the 5 steps of the previous point, click on "Add payment method" and enter all the information of the card.

You're done! You have now added another payment method on Facebook.

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