Follow this step to step guide to set correctly the events on your Facebook pixel and be sure you are measuring correctly all the events on your ad account.

Remember that to do this process, first you need to have your site’s domain verified. Verify your domain following this article.

Step 1

Enter your business manager account on Facebook.

Step 2

Enter the view: Business Settings.

Step 3

Once inside Business Settings, search on the left menu the section: Data Sources. Then click on Pixels and choose the pixel we are using on the campaigns.

Step 4

Click on Open in Events Manager.

Step 5

Click on Overview and then click on Aggregated Event Measurement.

Step 6

Scroll downwards and click on Configure Web Events.

Step 7

Enter your site’s domain on the search tool.

Step 8

Click on Manage Events.

Step 9

This popup will appear, click on Edit.

Step 10

Here you’ll be able to change the event 's order and prioritize them. You need to set first in High Priority the event: Purchase, as a second event, set: Add to Cart. Then set as a third event: View Content. Then click Submit.

Step 11

Once priorized and organized, the events should look like the image below.

Done! your Facebook pixel has all the events correctly set and prioritized.

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