Our dashboard is essential for you to keep updated about the campaigns’ results. On the other hand, it is very important that you can, with the data gathered, analyze certain matters to improve the yield of your investment.

📉 When the yield decreases

In the part of statistics by period, you can compare the results with the previous period.

👉🏼 If you see that the investment has been continually decreasing week after week, we recommend that you evaluate some ads and create new ones.

▪️ Remember to compare ads results between weeks, as if you do it between days it may indicate variations that don’t necessarily imply a better or worst yield.

▪️ You can also compare them between months, to understand if the ad strategy employed during a certain period worked better than the one employed during another period.

▪️ Bear in mind that there are decreases that are not related to the ads, but rather to the seasonality of your business or the time of the year.

▪️ We suggest that you always leave your ads on for 7 days at least. If your investment is low, leave them for 14 days. This is because if not, they won’t achieve good results.

▪️ Create various types of ads! Try out different creatives and messages. Always take into account that the maximum recommended is up to 5 ads, due to a matter of budget distribution.

👉🏼 To decide what ad to pause, revise the part where it says “ad details"

▪️You should take the CPC column into account. At first we suggest that you pause those that have the highest CPC.

▪️Still, you should also check the amount of money generated by the sales because of that ad. You can obtain the value of ROAS with the formula advertising investment/billing to see the yield of every ad. ROAS will determine how much you are earning for each dollar invested. This means that, if your ROAS is of 5, then with that ad you are earning 5 times what you have invested in it. Analyze if this return is significant before pausing the ad!

❗️If you observe that the yield of your ecommerce or of our campaigns decreased from one period to the following, it is important that you understand if there were any changes on your site of if there was a decrease in other traffic sources. Remember to do an analysis of your ecommerce following this article!

📌 Revise campaign types

Before we get started, you can learn about each campaign type reading this article.

▪️ Check the results the New Audiences campaigns. If you see that they don’t have good levels of clicks, you can create ads that are directed to people who don’t know your brand. Upload image or video ads, or stories that tell the audience about your brand, showing how you communicate and what you have to offer. When you are setting up these ads, remember to select the type of audience you want to direct to.

▪️ Remarketing campaigns tend to have better ROAS than New Audiences campaigns. This is because remarketing audiences are the ones that have already entered your site, and our ads show them the products with which they have already been interacting: they are highly relevant for them!

However, it may be the case that new audiences have good ROAS. This means that the user who did not know of your site buy the first time they enter: they are remarkably interested in your products! What’s ideal is to raise the investment because there’s clearly a great opportunity to continue growing among the public that hasn’t entered your ecommerce yet. To raise your budget, you can follow this tutorial.

▪️ If you see that your Google Shopping campaigns are not yielding good results, you can customize them to improve the yield. Follow this step by step!

▪️ As for Non Brand and Google Search Brand campaigns, it is totally normal to see variations in investment and yield. This is due to the fact that in these cases we depend on the volume of relevant searches performed by the users. If there aren’t many searches performed, then our technology will reduce the investment in this platform, and will redirect it to Facebook. You can see how our automatic investment optimizer works, reading this article.

🔎 Take advantage of the best selling products

If you enter the ecommerce report you will find a chart with the 50 best-selling products in your store.

▪️ Create ads that focus on your products!

You can generate a set of products selecting the ones that generated more money and that were ordered the most during the period. Then, create a story or a single image or video ad and choose the set of best-selling products.

Remember to upload creatives and texts that refer to what you are showing. For example, you can talk about your leading products!

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