In order to run our campaigns with us, it is important that you have a budget that allows you to yield the best results possible. In this aspect, it is essential that you invest more than the minimum budget suggested.

When the ads start running, they are on a learning stage in which they start acquiring behavioral data of the different types of persons, regions, with different interests and different ages. Once all of this information is gathered, we can assess and assign the segment to which that ad should be directed.

If an ad has a very low budget, it might not leave that learning stage, and won’t thus achieve better results. The more budget you assign to an ad, the quicker it will leave that phase, making them reach more relevant audiences.

On the other hand, if an ad with a low budget gets to leave that stage, its display would still be very limited: a low investment implies few impressions. This means that your ad would be seen by a limited amount of people, and you would lose the opportunity of reaching your potential clients.

To establish what campaigns should be running and reach the best level of optimization, it is important that our technology can run tests in different types of audiences. For this reason, in order to work properly, our tool needs to run ads in different segments, where each one has a budget assigned that allows collecting data fastly.

Our optimizer can choose whether an ad should have a low budget or directly be turned off. For this reason, it is important to have an investment that is enough to be distributed correctly and reach the best possible results.

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