Merchant Center is Google’s tool that allows us to run Google Shopping ads. These ads have a high performance because they show the image of your product, and users can also compare prices and access directly the URL of the product they searched.

Merchant center gathers all the information of your products from a catalog which is integrated when our campaigns are set up. Simultaneously, the catalog is generated by gathering information from your website.

Some products might be disapproved by Merchant Center, and thus won’t be shown in Google Shopping ads.

In some cases, these are products that can’t be promoted due toGoogle Policies. In other cases, they can be subsequently reapproved by modifying the product information on the website.

To verify whether you have disapproved products, you have to access Merchant Center with the corresponding email account. Once you’re logged in, click Products > Diagnostics > Item issues.

You will find all the disapproved products and their reason for disapproval on the "Disapproves items" box.

If you click "View examples" you will see the list of disapproved products.

In general, the reasons for product disapproval are the following:

➡️ The image of the product can’t be retrieved. In this case you will need to check on your website if you have loaded correctly the image of the product. Check how you have uploaded the image on the products that are approved and compare them to see what are the necessary changes to make with the disapproved products’ image.

➡️ Texts, captions and descriptions are too short. As in the previous case, check on your site how the descriptions of approved products are made, and use them as models for the disapproved products.

➡️ Invalid Price. This happens when a product’s price in the catalog is 0. This means that they are out of stock in your site. In this case, the product should indeed be disapproved, and we should not request its reapproval.

Once the changes are made on your website, you will have to wait a couple of hours for the catalog to be updated.

If, after a couple of hours, you still see that they are being disapproved or rejected, you can contact Google Ads Support so that they can help you solve the problem.

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