Simplicity is the key for the users not to get lost in your site and thus make them go where we need them to go. Offer less options, but make sure that those options are clearly descriptive of what you sell in your ecommerce.

What’s ideal is that the user sees up to four options at once. This allows them not to make an extra effort or to overfocus.

We need to consider the surroundings of whoever enters your site, as sometimes they will connect from, for example, the street, and there will be things around them that will be distracting. For this reason, it is important to supply all the information and functionalities.

Some matters that you might have to take into account in this aspect:

➡️ Organize your menu in categories, to reduce options.

➡️ Use more images and less text! Make your site predominantly visual.

➡️ Put your products in order and make sure they are spaced. It is preferable that a user scrolls down your site, than having them see all the information accumulated and making them stop to identify your products.

➡️ Show what’s important first.

➡️ Group the information that should go together. Use buttons or images that transform them into a set of information.

➡️ Use clear calls to action. Include the verb in the action that the users are going to make when they click. For example: "Log in" "Contact us" "Buy".

➡️ Contrast background and font. Use colors that allow users to read easily.

We suggest not using light grey for the font. We also suggest not using white font over a light blue background, or over light or mid orange, or over yellow.

You can make an analysis of contrasts and buttons in your site with these tools:



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