Knowing how the users who enter your site behave is crucial to define actions to perform in order to improve their experience. One of the most important points is to understand how they end up entering your site, and how they end up making a purchase.

To see this information, Head over to Analytics and on the menu on the left, click Audience > Mobile > Overview

In this screen you will have data that will allow you to analyze the percentage of users that enter through their mobile devices as opposed to the ones that enter through a computer.

Here you can compare the following information among the different channels:

➡️ Conversion Rate

➡️ Bounce Rate

➡️ Duration of the sessions

➡️ Revenue generated by each of them.

If you see that most of the users enter through their mobile devices, then make sure that your site is responsive, or in other words, that it can be used without any problems from a mobile device.

It may happen that, even when the majority of the users enter through their mobile devices, the conversion rate is higher in desktop. Analyze if your products have a long purchase deciding process: it is likely that, if they need to do some research before making a purchase, it is done through a computer device.

On the other hand, do check that they are having a good experience from their mobile devices. Be your own most critical client! Enter your site from your mobile device and make sure that everything is working properly.

Remember that if you access from a mobile device, it is important that the information is more synthesized, visible, and that it is easy to access. Whoever enters through their mobile devices may be doing it in places where there are many distractions. We need to catch their attention and be clear with the information provided. They must be guided towards the purchasing point.

If your audience spends more time on their mobile devices than on their computers, a good idea is to create story ads. If this is not the case, create a collection so that they can see it from the feed of their social networks.

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