The Conversion Rate (CR) shows how many of the users who entered your site actually make a purchase.

The Conversion Rate is found in Analytics. Once you’re there, on the left-hand side menu, go to Reports > Acquisition > All Traffic > Source/Medium.

A healthy CR should be of around 1%. This means that 1 every 100 users ends up making a purchase. If your CR is below this number, it can mean many different things, for instance:

👉🏼 The traffic that is heading to your site is entering because they are interested in something other than the purchase. For example, you have a blog to which many interested users enter, but they do not get to the purchasing moment.

You can improve this by making a more showy and effective link between your blog and your store. Take advantage of this traffic and turn it into sales!

👉🏼 The user experience in your site is not good. Remember that users are getting more demanding and they value their time, so if they spend too much time trying to find what they are looking for, they are probably going to leave and never come back.

Highlight the sections that work best, use banners on the top part of the site which redirect to the most important categories, and show clearly the benefits you offer. Make sure that you also offer a variety of payment methods, add information about the purchasing process, and include a FAQ section. Show your products properly, with descriptive images!

Make the user feel comfortable! Practice by putting yourself in their place and observe what you would like to find when you enter the site.

👉🏼The price of what you offer is not competitive. How often do you make a price analysis? compare them with your competition, and think if the difference of what you sell justifies the price you are assigning. If you sell a phone that is being offered by the competition at half the price, you should evaluate the pricing structure and see what you can do to reduce it.

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