If there was a decrease in the performance of your campaigns or in the sales of your ecommerce, we recommend that you check the traffic sources (this means, where the users come from) in order to understand why the most important decreases happened.

To do this, you can enter Analytics. On the menu to the left you have to head over to Reports > Acquisition > All Traffic. Then, click Source/Medium.

On this screen you will find different traffic sources which will have attributed amounts of users, number of sales, and total amount of the sales in your site.

There are two types of sources: paid sources and organic sources.

Paid sources are the campaigns that you are running on Facebook and Google. Adtomic campaigns will be shown as adtomic / facebook and google / cpc.

Organic sources are those unpaid sources through which users landed on the site.

Google is an organic source when, for instance, a user searches your brand through the engine and clicks on an UNPAID search result. This means that the word "Ad" shouldn’t be seen on the text of the result. Analytics will show this source as google / organic.

You also have the traffic source that will attribute itself the actions on your site when the user landed on the site by directly entering the URL on the browser. In other words, to enter your site you type www.yoursite.com on the browser bar. Analytics will show this source as (direct) / (none).

You can find organic sources as facebook / referral and instagram / referral. These refer to the users who entered your site through the links you put in your organic posts on Facebook and Instagram or in the description of your business in those networks.

Another organic source that is shown in analytics is mail, which are the visits generated through clicks on the links that are in the emails you send from your brand.

To understand the evolution of these sources, we recommend you to compare them between periods. To do this, you have to choose the period you want to look at and check the "Compare to" box. There, you can also choose what period you want to compare it to.

Revise and compare the amount of users, conversion rate, transactions and revenue.

❗️ If you see that there’s a clear decrease of influx through organic channels ( google / organic, direct / none, facebook / referral, instagram / referral), this is because there is an evident seasonality on the business. In other words, due to the time of the year, your site is not generating so much interest on the users.

To fix this seasonality, you can offer stronger discounts and focus on benefits such as installments or free shipping. Then, don’t hesitate to be more assertive when you communicate these discounts and benefits in your social networks!

Create striking and original content so that users can be interested in your site again and enter there to buy your products.

It is important to revise the performance of each source to understand the fluctuations of your own business, beyond the investment on Facebook/ Instagram and Google campaigns.

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