Before we get started, we suggest you read this article to revise what Google Smart shopping ads are.

All set! Now, if you want to customize them, you can do two things:

👉🏼 Add brand logos. To do this, you will need an image of your logo in scale 1:1 (squared) and 2:1 (rectangular).

👉🏼 Add images and descriptions

Follow this step-by-step tutorial!

➡️ Step 1

Log into your Merchant Center account. Remember to use the corresponding gmail account to access.

➡️ Step 2

Head over to "Tools and Settings" and click the option "Business Information"

➡️ Step 3

Once inside, you will find the Branding section, where you have the option to upload the logo of the brand (both square and rectangular-shaped, so as to adapt to different formats).

👉🏼 The logos won’t appear immediately once uploaded. First they will go through a revision process, and once approved, they will appear automatically in your Smart shopping ads.

➡️ Step 4

To add images and descriptions, we need to log into your Google Ads account. Remember to use the corresponding gmail account to access.

Once you’re logged in, select the SMART SHOPPING campaign: click Add Filter > Attributes > Campaign name

Then, choose the option "Contains" and add the word "SMART"

There you will find the Smart shopping campaign.

➡️ Step 5

Once you have clicked on the campaign, select the option “Ads” on the left-hand side menu.

You will see a pencil icon on the ad. Click it to edit the ad.

Please note: You will see the pencil icon once you hover the mouse over the ad.

➡️ Step 6

Once you are in the edition screen, you can add:

👉 A short title of up to 25 characters

👉 An extended title of up to 90 characters.

👉 A description of up to 90 characters, inviting the ad viewer to make a purchase in the site.

On the Image section, click edit to upload new images.

Once it’s saved, you can see on the previous screen a preview of the images in your ad.

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