Your site is the most important contact point with the user who is deciding to make a purchase. For this reason, it is essential that you perform a thorough analysis of your ecommerce on a periodical basis, so as to understand what can be improved and what can be changed taking into account user experience.

Understanding what happens on your site is the first step to make the necessary changes to improve your sales 💪🏼

📊 A note about Metrics

Analytics is a key ally for anyone who wants to know how their site is working. Cultivating the habit of revising this platform is important to have data to rely on before making a decision. Here we show you what metrics you may find useful!

👉🏼Traffic Sources and their Performance.

👉🏼Conversion rate

👉🏼¿Mobile or desktop?

👉🏼Know your sources: best-selling products

🤷🏽‍♀️ User Experience

Users’ experience on your website is crucial to make them decide whether they will make a purchase or not. For this reason, revise the following points.

👉🏼 Reduce your site's loading time

👉🏼 Reduce your site's complexity

📚 Products, images and discounts

Choosing images that show the details of your products, offering discounts without overdoing it, offering free shipping... All of these variables influence the user remarkably at the moment of making the decision of making a purchase or not.

👉🏼 In this article you will find more information about what to take into account with these points to improve your site and the experience of your potential clients.

Digital marketing campaigns are super important, but for them to work as well as possible, you should analyze many factors that may affect the performance.

Revising your site on a periodical basis and entering the site as if you were a client is important to understand how your business works and to know what can be done in order to offer the best possible experience.

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