In the menu of our platform you will find an analysis and reporting section. In it, you will be able to see the metrics that correspond to your Ecommerce.

👉🏼 In this report you will see data that covers the general information of your entire site. In other words, it is not limited to Adtomic campaigns. If you want to know how you are doing with the ads on our platform, you can go to the Adtomic report.

👉🏼 The dashboard is updated once a day, so only results up to the previous day will be shown.

👉🏼 You will be able to select the time period you want to look at and the data displayed in all parts of the report will correspond to those dates.

👉🏼 The metrics are obtained from Analytics.

General indicators.

In this section you will have at your disposal the most important metrics to understand how your site is performing.

You have the possibility to choose which data you want to see. Among them, you have: visits, clicks, ROAS, orders and average ticket. You can click on the arrow next to each indicator and you will be able to select which one you want to see.

Attention: if you choose the "ad spend" metric, only the metrics corresponding to campaigns you ran with Adtomic will be displayed.

😎 In addition, by clicking on the indicators, you will have the possibility to choose which two you want to be displayed in the graph.

Best selling products

🤩 In this report you also have access to know which are the best-selling products in your store. This is useful to know which ones you should focus on when creating product sets for your ads!

Traffic sources

If you want to know which are the sources through which users arrive to your site, you can see this graph where it indicates the percentage of visits that corresponds to each one of them.

To understand what each source is about, you can read this article.

Ecommerce analysis

At the end, you have available a table in which you can compare the indicators by days, weeks or months.

You can understand on which days or months your ecommerce performs best!

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