In order to run Facebook campaigns we must verify the Business Manager by adding a code on the site.

Attention: if you have any of these platforms, please follow the corresponding article

👉🏼 Woocommerce

👉🏼 Shopify

If your ecommerce doesn't use any of those platforms, follow the steps below.

Step 1
Go to the Business Manager with a user that has access.

Step 2

Once inside, in the left menu, click on Brand Safety > Domains > Add.

Step 3

Enter the domain name of your website.

Step 4

Go to the Meta-tag tab. > Copy meta-tag

Step 5

This meta-tag must be pasted in the home page, in the <head> section before the first <body> section. Ask the programmer who built your site!

Step 6

Once pasted, go to Business Manager > Brand Safety > Domains > click on the site we added before > Click on the Meta-tag verification tab > Verify

Step 7

Add as a partner in the Adtomic Business Manager. To do this, go back to the Business Manager menu > Users > Partners.

Step 8

Click “Add” > click on Give a Partner Access to your assets

Step 9

Add the Adtomic Business ID: 1149219285205739

You are done! You have verified your domain and assigned us as a partner.

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