In our Ecommerce report you will have available a pie chart where we will show you the source of the visits to your site. That is to say, how the users arrived to your store.

How do we obtain the traffic data?

We extract them from Analytics, which is a tool that allows us to obtain the origin of the visits. This is done through UTMs, which are tracking codes that are added to the corresponding URLs.

Portions of the graph: traffic sources.

The sources you will see in our pie chart are:

👉🏼 Facebook Ads (Adtomic), which are the visits that were obtained thanks to the campaigns you run with Adtomic on Facebook & Instagram. For example, if a user clicks on a Facebook ad and is directed to your page, that visit will be assigned to this source.

👉🏼 Google Organic, those visits that are obtained without investment. For example, when a user searches in Google for your brand and enters a NON-paid search result. That is, the word "Ad" should not appear in the text.

👉🏼 Google Ads (Adtomic) is the source of traffic that comes through paid Google Ads. This occurs when someone searches on Google and is directed to the site by clicking on a search result containing the word "Ad".

Direct is the one that directly types in the search engine bar the URL of your site. That is, it enters your site directly, typing in the bar.

👉🏼 Email are the visits generated through clicks on the links in the emails you send from your brand.

👉🏼 Social Organic is the traffic that comes to your site thanks to the links you put in your organic Facebook and Instagram posts or in the description of your business in those networks.

👉🏼 Google Ads (Other). In this case, this is traffic generated by Google Ads ads but by non-Adtomic campaigns.

👉🏼 Other are the rest of the sources that are not very relevant or from which data cannot be obtained.

Which Analytics source does each portion of the chart correspond to?

In our chart we bring the information from the UTMs but simplify the names. So, if you want to see it in Analytics, you will find them with another nomenclature.

Facebook Ads (Adtomic), in Analytics you will see it as adtomic / facebook.

Google Organic is google / organic

Google Ads (Adtomic) is google / cpc but with an account_id filter, which must contain the word adtomic. Thus, we make sure to raise the traffic that correspond to the campaigns of our platform.

Direct is (direct) / (none)

Email are all sources that contain in their Analytics name the word "mail".

Social Organic is all sources that contain in their Analytics name the words "social" or "" or "".

Google Ads (Other) is google / cpc, but the filter in the account_id is "not containing Adtomic". This way we make sure that the visits assigned to this source, do not correspond to Adtomic campaigns.

Others are all other sources from which visits are obtained.

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