It is very important to monitor the development of your Adtomic campaigns in order to know how your investment is yielding. For this reason, we recommend you to check the Adtomic report in our platform on a regular basis.

To see this report you have to click on the left-hand side menu, click Analysis and reports and then Adtomic.

Here you will see the most relevant metrics that will help you understand how your campaigns are working.

👉🏼 In this report you will only see the metrics of the campaigns you are running with Adtomic.

👉🏼 The dashboard is updated once a day, so you will only see the results up to the previous day.

👉🏼 You can select the time period you want to monitor, and the data displayed on the report will correspond to the selected time period.

👉🏼 The metrics are obtained from the Google Ads and Facebook Ads platforms

📈 General Indicators

In the first part you will see information about the general indicators. You can select to see the ones of all of your campaigns, or the Google and Facebook campaigns separately.

If you click Click the arrows next to each metric, you can change the indicators shown and select the one you want to see displayed.

You can choose the metrics you want to see in the chart by clicking on them.

👉🏼 Each metric has a button (ℹ) which will show you information about them.

👉🏼 You can choose to see the information on the chart by days, weeks or months. You can also choose the type of chart.

📊 Stats by campaign type

In this section you will see the investment, the sales and the generated orders, the ROAS, the clicks and the Cost per Click (CPC), according to the platform and the audience.

To learn more about these campaigns and audiences, you can read this article.

❗️Important: It is likely that Remarketing audiences show better results than New Audiences. This is because remarketing audiences have already been interacting with your products, which is why they are one step closer to completing the purchase. This does not mean that the investment in these campaigns is more important than the ones for new audiences.

Campaigns directed to people who haven’t been to your site yet are key to generate the traffic needed to feed remarketing audiences: once they enter your site, they will get to know your products, and then, when they see our ads, we can show them the products they were interested in.

🔎 Ads detail

In this section you will see how the ads created in our platform worked, in a selected time period, as well as the performance of the default ad “All Products”. Learn more about this ad by reading this article

It is important to monitor this chart to understand which ads are working and which ones are not. Then, you can turn off the ads that are not getting the results expected, taking into account the amount of clicks or sales generated.

🗓 Stats by period

Here you can compare all the data within the period chosen by variables such as days, weeks or months. In this way, you can monitor in detail the evolution of your campaigns in all your metrics.

❗️Please note: at the end of the screen you will see the attribution model used for the report. This involves the criteria set to assign a sale or a click to our campaigns. The attribution windows are generated by Facebook and Google.

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