As soon as you get started with Adtomic you already have an automatically generated ad running, which is always active by default.

We are talking about the "All the products" ad, a carousel which is programmed to show all the products in the website.

Before we get started, we recommend you to read this article in which we explain what a product carousel is.

This ad is generated automatically for different target audiences, and it reaches a larger scope compared to other formats, which generates a larger volume of conversions in the account.

➡️ It is used for remarketing campaigns, as it reaches people who were previously on your website interacting with your products.

For these audiences, the automatic ad shows relevant and customized content for each user. This means that an ad is created for each user with the products he showed interest in. For instance, if the users added a product to the cart, they are very close to making the purchase and they need a final push to make the decision. This carousel will show them this product. It is highly likely that if they run into an ad with this product, they will finally be convinced and will end up making the purchase.

➡️ These ads also make it possible to reach users who interacted with similar products on other websites. This means that we will reach potential buyers who already showed interest in products that are similar to the ones offered by your ecommerce. This is important because you can make an impression on users who visited your competitors’ websites, and convince them to buy you the products.

📌 It is recommended to combine it with other formats with richer content, where you can show your brand’s voice. Learn about other ads that you can create from our platform to complement the job of the automatically generated ad.

📌 Pausing this ad is often linked to a decrease in the scope and conversions in the account.

In conclusion, there are many benefits to keeping this ad active, mainly when we talk about results! For this reason we recommend you that you keep it active and don’t pause it!

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