To be able to run Google Shopping campaigns, it is necessary to have the Merchant Center verified.

You will have to head over to with the Gmail account you have access with.

👉🏼 If the account is new or it’s not yet verified, you will see the following red sign:

i. Click on "Fix It"

❗️Please note: You might not see the FIX IT option at first. If this is the case, head over to tools> company information.

Then, go to Website, and there you will see the screen to verify the site.

ii. Check that the website URL is written. If not, enter it.

iii. At the bottom, choose "I Have Access to my server" and then "Add an HTML Tag to my homepage"

iv. Copy the meta tag (framed in green).

v. Head over to the Shopify store administrator.

vi. Go to Online store > Themes > Actions > Edit the code > theme.liquid

vii. Once inside theme.liquid paste the Google HTML code right before the section </head>.

Please note: If you press control+f you can search for /head and paste it right above. There are other terms but only one /head.

viii. Save.

ix. Once you’re done, head back to Merchant Center > Click on "Fix it" in the red sign, scroll down and click “Verify URL”.

vi. It will be shown as verified but you will still need to claim the site. Click on "Claim" and you will see a screen with two green check symbols.

All set! Now your Merchant Center is verified.

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