In Google Ads accounts, there are many possible payment methods. One example is manual payments.

This method works as a credit charge-up to the account: you will be given a reference number and you will have to make the payment in Argentina, through Banelco or Pagomiscuentas. Find the payment methods available for your country here.

Once the payment is approved, it will be accredited as credit balance. When this amount is about to be fully used up, you will have to make another payment to prevent that the campaigns stop running. In this case, payments are always made in advance.

Payments are normally accredited after three to five business days.

How to set up manual payments in a new account

When you are creating a new account, you will have to create a billing profile.

If you see this screen, you will have to click "Create a new setup with a different Payment Method"

Then, you will have to enter the account information. For instance, choose whether you want to pay with manual or automatic payments, and then choose the payment method.

Here you will have to select Manual payments and then Banelco or Pagomiscuentas, if you are in Argentina.

Lastly, you will have to specify the national I.D. number, if the account belongs to an individual, or the “CUIT” (Single Tax Identification Number in Argentina) and the “GRT ID” (Gross Income Identification in Argentina), if it belongs to an organization.

👉🏼 If you want to deduct VAT, you will have to enter the “CUIT” (Single Tax Identification Number in Argentina). It’s not always necessary to fill up the Gross Income Identification field, because not all the advertisers are subject to this deduction. If you enter the Gross Income Identification (“GRT ID”), you have to do it without any hyphens or spaces.

You will have to load the “CUIT” and “GRT ID” numbers if applicable, when you are subject to this deduction.

On the other hand, you will also have to upload the CM05 or CM01 form, if applicable, when you are registered in the multilateral agreement

How to change to manual payments in an account that is set up with automatic payments

The only way to modify this is by getting in touch with the Google support center through this chat and request to change the payment method.

💡 Remember to have your Google Ads account number with you. You can find it at the top of the screen.

They will guide you in the process, and they will request the necessary information to set up the new payment profile. You will be asked for the AFIP (Federal Public Revenue Administration in Argentina) and Gross Income registration, and whether you are registered in the multilateral agreement. This will vary according to the country where you are in.

❗️Please note: if you can’t access the chat, you can contact Google support center through this form.

How to charge up credit with manual payment

Once manual payment is set up, you will have to head over Tools & Settings > Billing > Summary

Once you are in this screen, click "Make a Payment"

There you will find the options available to make the payment.

If you are in Argentina, you will see the identification number to make the payment through Pagomiscuentas or Banelco. If you are not in Argentina, you will see all the possibilities you have to make the payment.

With the identification number, you can go to any Banelco and make the payment, or do it through your Home Banking with

Remember that the charge up may be accredited to your account after 3 to 5 business days.

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