Product sets allow you to select which products you want to display in your ads.

💡 When you want to communicate something about a selection of products on your site, you must create an ad with a specific creative and text and assign it a set to show the corresponding products.

In other words, sets allow you to control which products will be shown in your ad.

To create a set, you must enter the "Settings" section at the bottom left of the platform menu.

👣 Step 1

Then, you will have to click on the arrow next to "Product Sets".

👣 Step 2

All the sets you have created will appear there.

👉🏼 Click on the button on the right.

👣 Step 3

A tab will open in which you will have to add:

👉🏼 Set name.

👉🏼 Choose whether you want to create it by products (i.e. selecting one by one, by product name or ID) or by categories ( selecting a category from your website).

👣 Step 4.

Your set will be created and you will have to find it among your sets in order to edit it and add the products to it.

Click on edit and choose the products you want to be part of the set, so they will be shown in the ads where you choose this set.

Once you are done with the selection, click on the + to add it to the set.

Then click on Confirm and that's it! You will now have your set finished.

❗️Something important: in order to use them in an ad, you must have 3 or more products in stock.

👣 Step 5.

Once you have your set of products, you can go to "Ads" and create an ad with this set. In that case, the products you chose to make up the set will be displayed.

👉🏼 If you want to edit the product set, you can see how to do it in this instructable.

👗 Want to improve how your products are displayed? Learn how to change the image in step 5.

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