If you are getting started with Adtomic, it is essential that you learn how to use our platform.

With our app you will be able to keep control of your campaigns’ performance, as well as editing and creating all the Facebook and Instagram ads that you are running with Adtomic (product carousels, stories, collections, static carousels), and customize the images that will be shown in your ads.

Before we start, please note ❗️For the time being, our app only works with Google Chrome.

Lets get started with this step by step guide for you to make the most of our app.

1 - Head over to this URL https://app.adtomiclabs.com/#/login and log in with your username and password.

2- On the top right part of the screen, you will see a lock. By clicking there, you will be able to change the password to log in to the app.

3- On the bottom right you have the option to send a query to our Information Center, and search the answers to your questions through keywords 😃


4- On the right side you will see the menu, where you can choose the section you want to go to.

App menu


In this section you will see a report with the results of your campaigns.

At Adtomic we believe in the importance of monitoring metrics in order to understand how the e-commerce in general and our campaigns in particular are performing.

For this reason, in the “Dashboard” section on our platform you will find all the necessary information to assess the results obtained.

👉🏼 To learn about the metrics that will appear on the dashboard, go to this article!

Facebook Ads

In this section, a submenu will be displayed

Here are some notes on each of the features seen, for you to know more about each of them and learn how to use them!

  • Customized Images: to change the images of your products shown in our ads.

  • Ads: in this screen you can see all the ads you are running with Adtomic in Facebook and Instagram. You will be able to create and edit your product carousels, stories, single video or image ads and static carousels.

Whenever you create an ad, you can add a customized text and choose what products to show, selecting (or creating) a product set.


In the lower part of the menu you will find the Settings section.

In this section you will be able to manage your budget and edit your products set. You can also exclude products or categories that you don’t want our ads to display.

💰 To learn how to modify your budget, take a look at the following tutorial .

✂️ To learn how to edit or delete your set of products, head over to this article.

Now you only need to log in and get acquainted with our platform. We hope you can make the most of it!

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