If you want to stop showing some products or categories from your website in our ads, you can do it in our platform! It’s super easy.

👉 Go to the menu and head over to settings, which is at the bottom.

👉Once there, click on the “Product Sets” section

👉 On the Excluded Products box, click “Edit” and enter the product name and ID or the list of product names or IDs you want to exclude.

👉On the Excluded Categories box, click “Edit” and choose the category you want to stop showing.

👉Once you have added them, click the “+” icon

👉Once you have selected all the products you want to exclude, click on confirm, and done! These products will no longer be shown in our ads!

❗️Please Note! If you want to delete any of the products or categories selected in these sets because you want them to be shown again in our ads, you have to click on the cross that appears next to the product or category excluded. Then, click on confirm to save changes.

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