You can manage all the ads you are running on Instagram and Facebook with Adtomic from the “Ads” screen in our platform.

You can also edit, pause and even delete running ads.

Create Ads

You can create stories, static carousels (for which you can choose the images to upload and to what URL each of them redirects), single image and video ads, and product carousels, quickly and easily 😀

👉 Remember to have ready the video or image you want to use. Take into account that the creative should be generic: it should talk about the brand in general, about an event (such as Hot Sale or Cyber Monday), or a category of products that is within the set of products chosen.


Once you log in to our platform, head over to Facebook Ads, and then to the “Ads” option


Click on the "+ " icon on the top right part of the screen. A window will pop up, and you will have to select what format you want for your ad.


Once you have chosen the ad format, you will see the option to show or not recommended products. We suggest to always show recommended products, as the users will see products that we know they are interested in, which increases the potential of purchase💰

❗️Note: this option will not be available in the case of static carousels and product carousels.

The product carousels will always display products from your site. You can, however, choose what products to display.

As for the static carousels, they only display the creatives you upload.


Then, you will be able to choose what products will be displayed in this ad. We suggest that you select to display all the products, but you can also choose an existent set of products or create a new set of products.

👉🏼 To create a new set of products, follow this tutorial.


Now we will upload the creative. We suggest to use videos, as they always show better results, but you can also choose an image.

In the suggestions you will see the size and length restrictions for the creatives, for each of the formats.


There are several types of captions and texts which vary according to each format, so let’s go over them once more.


In this case, there are no captions shown. However, you do have to add the target URL.

📌Note: whenever we add a target URL, we must take into account the products being displayed. As we are showing all the products, we can add the Home Page as the target URL.

❗️Important: whenever we are showing recommended products, the story will show a “see more” option at the bottom for the users to scroll up, which will redirect them to a site with the products. The story is turned into a Canvas format, in which the clients will be able to click on each of the products, and they will then be redirected to that specific product’s own URL.

The Target URL you enter in this section is the one to which the generic links of the ad will redirect.

Single image or video

For this format you will have to complete:

  • Caption or primary text (no more than 500 characters, but we recommend to use no more than 125)

  • Title (no more than 100 characters, but we recommend to use 25). The title should show a short concept that encompasses all the products in the set of products chosen to be displayed in this ad.

  • Target URL.

This is an example of how it would look:

Static Carousel

  • The primary text (shown in green in the example). There should go a general description of all the products that will be displayed in the carousel. It can be up to 500 characters long, but we suggest to write no more than 125, otherwise the users will have to click on “see more” to continue reading.

  • The target URL to which the generic links will redirect. Take into account all the products you are uploading to choose the relevant URL.

  • In this case, you will have to enter the title, the caption and the link for each of the images uploaded. The title can have up to 100 characters, but we suggest to use up to 25, otherwise they will be shown with an ellipsis.

  • The caption should have up to 100 characters and the recommendation up to 30 characters. This text is optional, it’s not necessary and it won’t be shown in Instagram posts.

  • The title is shown in purple in the example, and the description in pink.

  • As for the link, you will have to choose a specific URL to redirect the user who clicks on the picture. This means that if you are showing a certain product, you should enter the URL of the same product.

👀BE CAREFUL! The title, the caption ant this link we are referring to are only for that specific image. Each image you upload for the static carousel will have its own title, description, and it will take the user to the specific URL you have added.

This is how this ad would look:

For this format, we have to enter:

  • Caption or Primary Text: no more than 500 characters, but we suggest to use no more than 125.

  • Title: no more than 100 characters, but we suggest to use no more than 25

  • Description: no more than 100 characters and a 30-character recommendation

The title and the description will have by default the name and price of the product, but you can edit it by pressing on the lock icon.

Here we show you where the caption, title and description would be.

This is how this ad would look:

👉🏼 Remember that this ad format will show the product images that are on your e-commerce, which is why it is not necessary to upload a creative, although you can add a creative as a cover to present the carousel.


You can also schedule the ads. This means that the ad can be always running, or it can only be running during the dates you select. This tool is perfect if you want to promote an event that lasts for a specific period.

📌Note: the date ranges are inclusive. This means that the dates selected for the period to show the ad are included.


Finally, we will complete the Advanced Options

👉🏼 You have to choose your target audience for this ad.

You can select only one or all the options.

This option allows you to upload different creatives for different user segments. This means that we can use one ad intended to reach new audiences who have never been to the site, showing them what you sell in broader terms, and a different message for the audiences who are familiar with your site and have already made a purchase there.

If you don’t have different creatives for each target audience, we recommend that you select all the options to maximize the reach of your ad.

👉🏼 In some cases, you will also have the following advanced options:

i. Product Combination

This option will only be available if you chose a set of products to show in the carousel.

One of the options is to allow the set of products to be shown only in this ad, the other option is to let them be shown in other ads, combined with other products.

To understand what this is about and why we suggest to combine them, head over to this article.

ii. Show the carousel together with an ad that is always active

This option will only be available if you chose a set of products and you scheduled the ad.

If you schedule a dynamic carousel, you can choose if you want to pause other dynamic carousels created for the same set of products that are “always active”.

Learn more about this advanced option in this article

Done! You have completed the setup for your ad!

You can preview the ad to check that everything looks the way you expected, and then click on “confirm” to create it. The preview will show you an example of how the add would look on Instagram.

❗️ Note: the preview may take a while to load. This is normal! We thank you for your patience 😊


Now the only thing left is monitoring your ads.

For this, you will see a list in our platform in which you will see every ad with their respective format, the set of products for which it was created, whether it is a scheduled ad or one that is always active, and whether it is active or paused.

❗️ Note: in the ads management screen you will see there’s a product carousel that is always active, showing all the products on your site. This ad comes by default as it is one of the ads that generate the most sales. For this reason, you can pause it (although we do not suggest it) but you cannot delete it.

You will also see the following options:

➡️ If you click on the eye icon, you can check the ad preview

➡️ If you click on the pencil icon, you will go back to the ad setup screen to edit whatever you need.

➡️ You can pause it and delete it by clicking on the pause icon or the trash can icon.

➡️ You can also modify the scheduled dates. If you click on the period of dates seen in the list, a calendar will pop up. There, you can select a new date.

➡️ If the ad is made for a range of dates and you pause it before the start date, this ad will never start running. And if you activate it after the end date, it will be paused again that same day, because the tool is programmed to turn off an ad after the scheduled dates. What you should do in case you want to turn it back on, is modifying the scheduled dates.

Done! You have already created the ads with your brand’s creatives, and you are now addressing your audience with products that are super relevant for them.

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