Why is it important to create Instagram or Facebook Stories Ads?

Our platform automatically runs product carousels which show a dynamic selection of all the products in your website. These ads are essential and they show good results, but we recommend you to include some ads to customize your communication.

Showing your brand's voice creatively with a story ad is an important addition for the ads that our platform runs automatically.

Including ads with eye-catching images will make your potential clients pay more attention to your ad and click on the products that are suggested.

📌 Tip: Try uploading videos! They usually have better results.

How to create a story

In order to upload a story as a customized ad, you will need to fill out some fields in our platform. Here we explain you how to complete each of them!

1- Firstly, you will see the option to show or not recommended products. We suggest to always show recommended products, as the users will see products that we know they are interested in, which increases the potential of purchase💰

❗️Note: the recommended products will be a selection of all the products on the website.

If you choose to show products, the best option is the Canvas format. The difference is that at the bottom of the story the users will see a “see more” option, which will redirect them to a site with the recommended products when they swipe up. The users will be able to click each product and they will be redirected to the specific URL of the chosen product.

2- Secondly, you will be able to choose what recommended products will be displayed in this ad. We suggest that you select to display all the products, but you can also choose an existent set of products or create a new set of products.

To create a new set of products, follow this tutorial.

3- Now we will upload the creative. We recommend to use videos, as they show better results, but you can also choose an image.

Creative’s sizes:

For video

  • Resolution: no less than 1080x1080 pixels

  • Duration: less than 20 seconds


  • Resolution: no less than 1080x1080 pixels

  • Text in image: 20% or less

4- In this case, there are no captions to enter, only the Target URL.

📌Note: Whenever we add a target URL, we need to consider the products being shown in the ad. As we are showing all the products, we can fill this field with the URL that redirects to the home page of the store.

❗️Important: When we are showing recommended products, the client will be able to click on each of them, and it will redirect them to this specific product’s own URL. The Target URL you enter in this section is the one to which the generic links of the ad will redirect.

5- You can schedule the ads. This means that the ad can either be always running (choose the option “always active”) or only during the dates you specify (scheduled)

📌Note: the date ranges are inclusive. This means that the dates selected for the period to show the ad are included.

6- Lastly, in Advanced Options you will have to select the target audience for your ad.

You can select only one or all the options.

This option allows you to upload different creatives according to the different users’ segments. We can transmit one message for new audiences who have never been to the site, showing them what you sell in broader terms, and a different message for the audiences who are familiar with your site and have already made a purchase there.

❗️Note: If you don’t have different creatives for each target audience, we recommend that you select all the options to maximize the reach of your ad.

All set! You have completed the setup for your story!

You can preview the ad to make sure everything looks as you wanted, and then click on the “confirm” button to create it. The preview will show you an example of how the ad will look on Instagram.

❗️Note: The preview might take some minutes to load. We thank you for your patience!! 😊

👉🏼If you want to edit your ad, you can go to the ads screen and just click on the pencil icon!

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