To explain this feature, we will first go over some of the options we have when we create a product carousel.

The variables for these ads are:

  • Showing a set of products or all the products on the site.

  • Including or not a cover picture

  • The caption or text included with the ad

  • Whether the carousel is scheduled or always active

  • The target audiences for which the ad is created

Based on these variables, if you choose a set of products and you schedule the carousel, you can select some of the options this advanced feature offers:

  • Pause or disable ads that are always on during the selected dates.

  • Show ads that are always on together with scheduled ads.

This means that you can choose whether to show ads created for the same set of products at the same time, or to show one at a time: the scheduled ad during the scheduled period, and the ad that is always active the rest of the time.

To understand this feature better, see the following example:

👉 There’s a product carousel that is always on, for the product set “Test”. This carousel has its own text.

👉 Within the context of an event, we want to show the same product set “Test” but with a different text, as we want to refer to the discounts we are offering.

To do this, we will create a new product carousel, with a specific text referring to the discounts, and schedule it for the days of the event.

📌 In this case, choosing the option “Disable ads that are always on during the selected dates" allows you to show the product set “Test” with the specific text, while the one that is always active with a generic caption, will be paused.

Once the scheduled period is over, the ad that was always on will be active again, showing the generic text.

❗️ Note: we recommend to turn off ads that are always active while there’s a dynamic carousel scheduled, to avoid overlapping two different communications for a same set of products.

If, however, for any reason you choose to run both ads simultaneously, you can select the option “Show ads that are always on and scheduled ads simultaneously”.

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