From our platform you can create, edit and control the operation of product carousels.

What are product carousels?

Product carousels are those that recommend products from your site. If the user is familiar with your site, he will be shown the products he has interacted with and shown interest in.

If the person has never entered your ecommerce, then the products with the best results will be shown, in order to attract their attention and make them enter.

In this article we explain you more in depth what this type of ads are about and why they are so important.

👉🏼 Where are carousels displayed?

They are displayed in the Facebook feed and Instagram Feed and stories.

👉🏼 Default carousel.

On our platform you will see that there is an automatic product carousel (created to show all the products on your site) that comes on by default. Learn more about this ad here.

💡 Remember to change the main text of the default product carousel on our platform. To do this, go to the ad and click on the little pencil.

How to create them

👣 Step 1.

From the menu, go to Facebooks Ads > Ads

👣 Step 2

Click on the button that appears on the right side of the screen.

👣 Step 3.

Choose the Product Carousel option and name your ad.

👣 Step 4

You will need to select which products you want to display in your carousel. You may choose "All Products" from your website or select a set of products that you have put together.

💡 Note that you already have a product carousel running automatically for "All Products". In this sense, if you are going to create a product carousel for all products, think about adding some distinctive feature to it in the following steps: a cover page or scheduling it for a specific date, with a specific text.

Attention: for your sets to appear in the list, they must have at least 3 products in stock, check in the configuration section and add products in stock to your set!

👣 Step 5

Since the product carousel displays the products on your site, you don't need to upload a creative. However, you can add a cover page which will be the first image the carousel will be presented with.

💡 We recommend you to use cover page only when you have something very important to communicate. For example, heavy discounts, quotas, if you get on some event.

This cover can be an image or a video.


👉🏼 Must be square: 1:1

👉🏼 The size greater than or equal to 1080x1080px.

👉🏼 Text in images: 20% or less


👉🏼 Must be square: 1:1

👉🏼 Size greater than or equal to 1080x1080px.

👉🏼 The duration of less than 20 seconds.

If you use the cover, in addition to the creative, you will need to add a title, a description and a destination URL. These texts and this link will only appear with the cover page.

The description will only appear in the Facebook feed (it will not appear in the other locations).

If you choose not to upload any cover page, only the products on your site will be displayed (depending on which products you chose to display, you will see a selection of all the products on your site or the set you have chosen)

👣 Step 6

For this format we must complete the main text. It has a maximum of 500 characters, but we recommend up to 125. This text must communicate the voice of your brand: its values, promotions, the concepts of the different campaigns and everything that makes it stand out from the rest.

This is the text that will be shown in your carousel.

The images of the products of your ecommerce will be accompanied by a title and a description that will be the name and price of each product.

👣 Step 7

You can schedule your ads!

You will have two options: leave it to be always active or activate it on the dates you select.

Whenever you have a special promotion or something specific to communicate during a period of time, schedule your ad!

📌Clarification: the date range is inclusive. That is, the selected days are included in the period in which the ad will be displayed.

💡 If you already have a product carousel programmed for these dates and for the set you chose (it can be any set you created or the "All products" set), you must choose another period or modify the product set for which you are creating it.

👣 Step 8

Finally, you must choose the audiences you want to target with your ad.

You can select one or all of the options.

This option allows you to create different ads with different messages for different audience segments.

💡 Our recommendation is that you leave all options selected to maximize the reach of your ad.

👣 Step 9

Now you're done with your ad setup! 💪

On the next screen you will see a summary of your ad, you can edit anything you want!

Once it's ready, click on the create ad button.

👣 Step 10

Done! You now have your ad created.


👉🏼 Now we will have to wait for Facebook to approve your ads. This may take a few hours.If you get an email saying that the ads are rejected, you can follow this step by step.

👉🏼 Once they are approved, your ads will start running and enter a learning period. Learn more about this here.

👉🏼 You should periodically check how your ad is running.

In the ad management screen, in the Quality Score column you will see:

💪 In green the ones that work best.

⏳In light green those that could be improved.

⏸ In red the ones we recommend you pause.

🐣 You will also come across some ads that are in the learning period.

👉🏼 To edit, pause or delete your ad, click on the pencil, on the pause sign or on the three dots respectively.

If you click on the pencil, you will go to the editing screen, where you will be able to see all the settings of your ad and modify what you think is necessary.

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