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What is a Product Carousel ad?

Product carousel ads recommend products that are on your website. If the users have been to your site, the Product Carousel will display the products the users were interested in and have interacted with.

If the users have never been to your e-commerce, the Product Carousel will display those products that show the best results, in order to capture their attention and make them enter your site.

In this article we explain in detail what this kind of ads are and why they are so important.

How to create a Product Carousel

Step 1

From the menu, go to Facebook Ads > Ads

Step 2

Click on the + symbol which appears to the right.

Step 3

Choose a name for your ad, and then select the option “Product Carousel"

Step 4

Online store products

i. In this section, you will be able to choose which products you want to show in your ad. You can choose to display all the products on your site, which is the option we recommend for our ads to display any product the user has interacted with.

ii. You can also choose a specific set of products. In this case, the ad will only show the products you select.

You can choose an existent set of products, or you can create a new set of products.

If you click on Create, a new window will pop up. You will have to name the set of products and choose how to select your products: by products or by categories.

Find out more about creating sets of products in this tutorial.

Step 5


i. In this case you can choose to add a cover to your carousel ad.

The cover is the image that appears first on your carousel ad. It is fixed, i.e. it is always the same, and it will introduce the carousel in which the products will vary according to the user’s behavior on the site.

To upload a cover, you have to choose “Add cover to the carousel" and then select if you want to upload an image or a video.

If you choose to upload an image, the aspect ratio should be 1:1; the resolution should be no lower than 1080x1080, and the text should only occupy up to 20% of the image.

If you choose to upload a video, the aspect ratio should be 1:1; the resolution should be no lower than 1080x1080, and the video should be up to 20 seconds long.

ii. You can also choose not to use a cover, and display only the products on your site.

Step 6

Texts and links

In this section you will have to add the customized text that will appear next to the carousel.

Find out more about customized texts in this article.

Step 7


You can choose to program the dates in which you want your product carousels to be shown, or you can choose for them to be always active.

For example, if you want to show a specific text for an event such as Black Friday, you can create a carousel ad for these dates. In this case, you can add any text you want, and also add a specific creative.

When the programmed period is over, the ad will be paused, and it will no longer be shown.

Step 8

Advanced Options

i. Audiences

You will always have the option to choose the target audience for your ads.

You can generate them for remarketing audiences, for new audiences or for both.

This option is particularly useful to address different ads for different audiences. For example, if you want to think of a specific text or creative to show to the audiences that are familiar with your site, you can choose to do this and separate them from the texts and creatives to show to the new audiences.

ii. Product combination

This option will only be shown if you chose to display a set of products in the carousel.

One of the options is to allow the set of products to be displayed only in that ad, and the other option is to let those products appear in other ads with other products.

To understand what Product combination is about and why it is highly recommended to choose this option, read this article.

iii. Show the carousel together with an active ad

This option will only be available if you chose a set of products and you programmed the ad.

If you program a product carousel, you can choose to pause other carousels created for the same set of products that are always active.

Find out more about this advanced option in this article

Once you are done setting your product carousel, you can check the preview and confirm it.

Done! Now you have your product carousel running!

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