Product carousel ads show a sequence of recommended products that are on your e-commerce for those users who have shown interest in them, or who are not familiar with your brand but are highly likely to be interested in your products.

These are sequence ads, which means more than one product will be shown in one post.

The main advantage of these ads is that you do not need a creative (image or video) in order to generate them, because we will show the pictures of the products that are uploaded on your website.

By integrating Adtomic to your website, we generate a catalogue of stock, images, price and descriptions of the products you upload to your site. This allows the product carousel ads to update automatically when there’s a change on your website.

Product carousel for remarketing audiences

For users who have already been to your site, the products shown will vary according to the user’s behavior on the website. These ads are generated automatically for each user.

For example, if a user has been looking at trainers and football shirts on the e-commerce, this user will be shown those products. But if another user has been looking at cleats and balls, this user will be shown these other products.

The information of every product (such as name, price, discount and image) will also be modified dynamically according to what is shown to each user.

¿Why are product carousel ads important for remarketing audiences?

These ads are the most effective ones to obtain conversions, as we offer the users those products they have been interacting with on the website. This means that if a user added a product to the cart, they are close to the moment of purchase, and they only need a boost to make the decision.

It is very likely that when they see the ad with this product while they are on social networking sites, they will finally make the decision and buy the products.

Product carousels for new audiences

Up to now we have talked about the ads that are modified automatically according to the users’ behavior on the website, i.e. audiences that are familiar with your brand and have interacted with your products.

But when creating a product carousel on our platform, you will have the option to do it for new audiences, who have never been to your website.

In this case, as these audiences have never interacted with your products, the dynamic ads will show the product set selected, prioritizing those which show better results.

If, instead of choosing a set of products, you decide to show all the products, the same mechanism applies: the ads will show the products on the site that perform better.

What is the difference between product carousels and other ads that can be generated on our platform?

On Adtomic you can create stories, static carousels and single image or video ads.

The difference between these three kinds of ads and the product carousels is that the former have static creatives: the video or image you upload when you create them are always the same.

On the other hand, product carousels do not need a specific creative as they show the products that are on your site’s catalogue. They do not have a static image that will always be shown. Instead, they will vary depending on the users’ behavior with the products on your website.

Although you can add a cover to introduce your ad, the rest of the carousel cards will show different products depending on the users they are being directed to.

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