If you want to edit or delete a set of products after creating one for an ad, follow this tutorial:

i. Head over to "Settings" on the bottom left part of the menu on the platform.

ii. Click on the arrow next to “Product Sets"

iii. Here you will see all the sets of products you have created.

iv. Click on ”Edit" if there is something you want to change

v. You will be able to add the products you need. You can add them with the name of the product, or with the ID of the product.

vi. If you want to delete a product from the set of products, click on the X that appears next to it.

vii. To delete a full set, click on the trash can

viii. Here you can also create a new set of products.

A window will pop up, in which you will have to enter the name of the set of products, choose if you want to create it by products (by selecting the name or the ID of the products) or by categories (selecting a category from your website)

v. Select the products for your set of products which will be displayed in the ad.

❗️Note: we recommend that you select at least 5 products. If you select less products and they run out of stock, the ad will stop being displayed.

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