From our platform you will be able to configure a specific text for each ad you create.

👉 This allows the communication to be well customized for the type of ad you want to create, for the audience you want to target and for the dates you want the ad to be displayed.

But if after setting it up, you want to edit it, you can!

We show you how to edit your ad text!

👣 Step 1

In the menu, click on the Facebook Ads section and go to "Ads."

👣 Step 2

On the Ads screen you will see all the ads you are running with Adtomic.

Click on the pencil of the ad you want to modify the text of.

You will go to the edit screen, where you will be able to see all the settings of your ad and modify what you think is necessary. If you click on "Main text", you will be able to modify the texts with which your ad is running.

Once you have edited the text, click on "confirm changes".

You will return to the editing screen where you must click on "Save and exit".

That's it, you have your ad texts updated!

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