You can customize a specific caption for any ad you create on our platform.

👉 This helps to create a customized communication, according to the type of ad you want to create, the target audience for the ad, and the dates on which you want the ad to be displayed.

Here’s how to generate a caption for your ad!

Step 1

Click on the section Facebook Ads on the menu, and then go to “Ads"

Step 2

On the Ads screen you will find all the ads you are running with Adtomic.

👉 Edit captions of ads that were already created

i. Click on the pencil icon on the ad you want to edit.

ii. The ad settings screen will open. Scroll down to find the text box.

iii. Edit the caption. You can change anything you think necessary for the communication to be as you want it.

Remember to add whether you have discounts or benefits. Make the most of this space to show the voice of your brand!

We strongly recommend that you define the target audience for your ad, so as to generate a caption that is relevant to this users segment.

iv. Once you have completed modifying the caption, you can preview the ad to check how it looks with the edited caption. If it’s ready, click on UPDATE.

Ready! Now your ad will be displayed with the new caption.

👉 Create ads and add specific captions

When you create an ad, you have to add a caption.

You have to think what is it that you are showing on this ad, in order to make sure that the caption fits the images.


➡️ You don’t need a caption for stories.

➡️ For image and video ads, both single and in dynamic carousels, you will choose the creativity. As for the Product carousel, these will display the products on your site, and you can choose to add a cover image.

i. Click the + icon on the top right of the screen

ii. The ads creation screen will pop up.

You will have to choose the ad format you want, and complete all the settings to create it: choose the set of products you want to show, upload creatives, choose the dates in which you want the ad to be active.

One of this settings is the caption that goes with the ad.

Depending on the type of ad you have chosen, you may have to complete:

  • The Caption

  • The Title

  • A Description

📌 Take into account the set of products chosen, the target audience, and the dates you will schedule for the ad to be displayed, in order to have a customized caption!

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