Create a pixel is very simple!

📌 From the Business Manager menu

- Step 1

From Business Manager, head over to Data sources, and then click on Pixels.

- Step 2

Click on the “Add” button

- Step 3

Enter the name and website

- Step 4

Click on Continue management of my business.

📌 ¿What if I can’t see the “Add" button on Facebook?

It may happen that when you head over to Data sources> pixels, you can’t see the “Add" button. In such case, follow these instructions

- Step 1

From Business Manager, head over to add accounts > select the account for which Adtomic campaigns will be running > go to “Open ads manager"

❗️Note: if you can’t see the option “Open ads manager”, you need to add yourself as a user with admin access for the ad account.

- Step 2

On the menu on the left, click on business tools and look for the section “Events manager".

- Step 3

Once you are on Events Manager, open the menu on the left and click on “Connect Data Sources”

- Step 4

Select the option Web > Start

- Step 5

Select Facebook Pixel > Connect

- Step 6

Add the name of the pixel and the website

- Step 7

If you need the code in order to install it on your e-commerce, you will have to click on the option “Install code manually". Otherwise, click anywhere outside the window.

❗️Note: to set up the pixel on your e-commerce you may not need this code, but the pixel ID. This will depend on the platform you use. To get this ID, once you have created the pixel you will have to head back to business setup > Data sources > pixels.

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