To add an ad account to Business Manager, it is important to note that:

👉 The account will be permanently moved to Business Manager. To add the ad account, you must be both the owner of the account and the admin in Business Manager.

👉 Once you have added the ad account and it’s moved to Business Manager, this action can’t be reversed. All aspects of your ad account will be managed from your Business Manager profile, so you will not be able to add an account owned by another business. If you still wish to manage an account owned by another business, you can request access.

i. Go to business settings > Accounts > Ad accounts> Add > Add an ad account.

ii. Enter the ID of the ad account you wish to add> Add ad account.

❗️NOTE: It is possible that the ad account has already been added to another business manager. In that case a pop-up message will appear.

iii. If this happens, you will have to go back to Accounts> Ad accounts> Add > Request access to an ad account.

iv. You can add the ad account number, or you follow the instructions on the screenshot.

v. If you opt to add the ad account number, you will have to select the option to request Manage access for the ad account

vi. Once you have submitted the request, the Business Manager who owns the account will get a notification. The Business manager will have to accept the request and you will be assigned the admin role for the ad account.

vii. Once your request is accepted through Business Manager, you will be able to manage the ad account through your Business Manager!

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