In order to create a Facebook audience, we should have a csv or txt file, with a list of your customer emails. Based on that, Facebook will search these contacts and you'll be able to create campaigns based on this audience or create audiences similar to those that have already provided us with their email.

The file should have a column listing the emails, whose header is “Email”.

❗️Attention: it’s important to have this file before starting this step by step guide.

Step 1

Go to business manager > Business Settings > Ad Accounts > click on the account you want to add the audience to > Open in the Ads Manager

Step 2

Click on “Business Tools” > Audiences

Step 3

Click on “Create a Custom audience”

Step 4

Once inside, choose the “Customer list” option

Step 5

Where it asks the customer value is included, choose “No” > Next

Step 7

Upload the email list in the corresponding format and assign a name to it > click “Next”

Step 8

Check if the email column is shown > Upload and create.

Attention: once uploaded, go to the audiences list. It might be required that you accept it, clicking on the button that will appear there.

Step 9

i. In case the base was uploaded to an account and you wish to share it with the Adtomic account, you should choose the base and click on the “share” button.

ii. Then you should choose if you will share the audience with an account that belongs to your Facebook Business or with an external account. If you want to share it with an Adtomic account, then it will surely be an external account. This means, property of another company, unless you created the account that we will use for Adtomic campaigns from your business account.

iii. There you should type in the account number that you would like to share.

Done. You have uploaded your audience to Facebook and shared it with the Adtomic account!

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