Even though we don’t do campaigns on Instagram Shopping from Adtomic, we want to help you to achieve this in a quick way so you can start selling through that channel as well. In order to do so, follow this step by step guide.

Step 1 – Create the catalog

i. To be able to create a catalog, you have to sign into the Facebook Business Manager (https://business.facebook.com/) and click on the business settings button that appears at the top right of the screen.

ii. In the menu bar that appears to the left, click on Data Sources and then on Catalogs.

iii. Click on “Add” and then on the Create a New Catalog option.

iv. Add a name and put “Products” in the Type section.

v. You'll need to add yourself as a person and give yourself administrator access to the catalog. Then click on Assign.

vi. You will be able to connect it with your site’s pixel. If not, you can also choose to cancel and the catalog will be created anyways.

Step 2 – Catalog Configuration

❗️Attention: For this step you will need for an Adtomic executive to give you the catalog URL that is automatically updated.

Also it's important to convert your Instagram profile into a business account.

i. Click on the button that appears to the right of the screen.

ii. In the menu to the left, click on Catalog > Data Sources.

iii. Click on the “Add Products” button.

iv. Choose the bulk upload option and then click “next”.

v. You should choose “Scheduled feed” as the upload option.

vi. Paste the URL that the Adtomic executive gave you and click “Next”.

vii. Updates should be hourly.

Attention: for the schedule, use a rounded hour (example 11:00, 12:00 and not 11:55). Then click on “Next”.

viii. Add a name, configure the currency and then click upload.

ix. Once you have uploaded the catalog, you have to connect it to your Instagram account. To do so, go to the left-hand menu and click on Settings > Business Assets.

x. Go to “Connected Instagram Business Profiles” and click on “Manage profiles”.

xi. Add the Instagram account.

Done! Your catalog with your websites products is connected to your Instagram business account.

After connecting your account to the catalog, open the Instagram app to register with the “Buy on Instagram” feature > Go to your profile’s settings, click on Business and select Buy on Instagram.

Follow the steps to send the account to revision. The process usually to take a few days, though it sometimes takes longer. In order to check on the status of the revision, you can inquire in Purchases under the Settings section at any time.

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