🤔 Why is it important to have an enabled Google Merchant Center account?

Merchant Center is the Google tool that allows us to run Google Shopping ads. These ads have a great performance because they allow the user to see the image of your product, compare prices at one sight, and enter the URL of the searched product.

Google revises the websites automatically, and if it detects that there is an infringement of one of their policies, the Merchant Center account is suspended, which disables Shopping ads.

In short, having the Google Merchant Center account suspended can be detrimental to your campaigns’ performance.

🔄 Website requirements for Google Shopping - Returns and refunds

One of the requirements demanded by Google to run Shopping campaigns is that websites should show the returns and refunds policies.

In the Merchant Center a message as the one shown below will pop up, in which it is informed which is the policy being infringed and why is the website not authorized.

What can we do for the website to be authorized again? We can add the refunds and returns policy for your products, in a simple and visible way.

In the website's Home page, there should be a link that redirects to the returns and refunds policies. It should be stated clearly and simply which are the requirements, periods and methods to employ in case the client decides to return the product or demand a refund.

It should include:

  • The actions to be done by the user.

  • The situations in which refunds and returns are allowed.

  • The time period in which returns are allowed.

  • When can the user expect to receive a refund.

❗️Please note: It should also be clearly stated in your website if or when refunds or returns are not allowed.

Here you will see some examples of websites that meet these requirements. In this case, for instance, it’s a link found at the bottom of the site.

The link redirects to all the specifications for refunds and returns.

Here’s another example:

🔎 Asking for the Merchant Center revision

Once your website is set up and meets the requirements, you can ask for the revision of Merchant Center for google to enable the account.

To do this, you will have to go to merchants.google.com and log in with the Gmail account with which you have access. Once inside, you have to go to the menu on the left-hand side and click on "Products" and then on "Diagnostics"

Then, click on Account Issues and then on Request review.

Lastly, you will have to check the option that says you have resolved all policy issues and click on Request Review.

It may take up to three business days to perform the revision. If Google considers that the problem was solved, the Merchant Center will be enabled again and you will be able to run shopping campaigns again.

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