With Adtomic, we run different kinds of ads. In this article we explain each one of them.

Product carousel ads show a sequence of recommended products that are on your e-commerce for those users who have shown interest in them, or who are not familiar with your brand but are highly likely to be interested in your products.

These are sequence ads, which means more than one product will be shown in one post.

The main advantage of these ads is that you do not need a creative (image or video) in order to generate them, because we will show the pictures of the products that are uploaded on your website.

By integrating Adtomic to your website, we generate a catalogue of stock, images, price and descriptions of the products you upload to your site. This allows the product carousel ads to update automatically when there’s a change on your website.

Learn more about this format in this article.

Create a product carousel by following these instructions.

Dynamic carousel intro card

On our platform you have the possibility to upload an image that will show up first in your product carousels.

You can also choose to add a cover for a carousel created for a particular product set. When you are choosing which product set you want to show, instead of choosing “All products”, you should choose the product set that you want to show or create a new one. In that case, the cover should communicate something specific about that product set.

As with the previous ads, these are sequenced ads in which several images will be shown in the same post.

In this case, they are static. This means that when creating them, different product images will be uploaded or images of the same product that will not vary: they will always be shown the same. That is, let’s use the example of wanting to advertise a particular refrigerator. When creating a fixed carousel, we can upload different images of that fridge and redirect the link of each one to the corresponding link for that product on your website.

Another example would be if what we wanted to do were to create a carousel of several refrigerators. In this case, we can upload an image of each fridge and redirect each one of them to the corresponding link.

In this example, the box in green is the text that accompanies the fixed carousel and it should be designed to include all the products of which images were uploaded.

The violet and fuchsia boxes are the title and description of each product. Both need to be loaded onto our platform, as well as the images of each product. Here you have a step by step guide on how to do so.

👉 Story or Canvas Ads

Story ads are differentiated from canvas ads for one reason: stories don’t show suggested products and they lead straight to the webpage.

Canvas ads are shown the same as a story, but upon clicking on “More information”, they lead to a suggested product page. The user can click on any of them and they will be taken directly to the corresponding page for that particular product.

We recommend choosing to show suggested products because it gives great results. Besides, you can choose between showing all products, in which products will be suggested to each user according to their behavior on your website, or you can choose a particular product collection.

Uploading a video is ideal in which some of the products that are going to be suggested are shown. You will be able to show something more generic about your brand if you’re going to show all products or something specific if you choose to show product collections.

Here is a guide on how to create one of these on our platform.

👉 Unique video or image ads

This ad format shows a creative (which can be an image although we recommend a video) in the feed, as much on Facebook as on Instagram.

Just as in the previous case, you can choose to show or not show suggested products. It’s always better to show them because they add value for the user: we show them products that are of their interest. Upon clicking, each suggested product will lead to the corresponding page on your website.

The selection of those products can be either: all the website products (in which case the platform will choose the products to be shown according to the user’s behavior), or a product collection. According to which one you choose, the creative could be more generic or more specific.

To know how to upload a unique image or video ad, follow the step by step instructions in this guide.

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