Now you can take control of how much you want to invest in our Facebook/Instagram and Google campaigns!

To do so, Enter with your username and password.

In the side menu, look for the "Settings" option.

In this section, you will be able to check the budget you have configured to invest during this month or a period you select. In other words, you will be able to see how much will be or has been invested in a specific date or period.

You will be able to see it in a separate section, between recurrent and programmed.

The always on budget is the investment you count on periodically. That means that if you do not modify it, it will be the amount you will invest every month.

You can add programmed budgets to this recurrent budget. For example, if you want your ads to have more investment during an event, then you will have to program a special budget for those dates.

In the overall screen, you will be able to visualize which budgets you have programmed, for which dates and how much you will invest in total and per day during that period.

Always on budget

In the " Always on " tab you will have the possibility to modify your daily budget.

You will have the possibility to increase or decrease it, depending on your needs.

👉🏼 In the Information section, you will be able to see some items that will help you keep track of some issues related to your budget. We will inform you, for example, if your payment method has been rejected in any of the platforms or if the amount you have invested is within the range allowed in your plan.

👉🏼 In case the payment method for any of the platforms has been rejected, you will be asked how you would like to continue investing once the campaigns are reactivated. You can choose to spend all the budget that was not used while the campaigns were off, or continue with the daily investment configured.

Modify Always on Budget

If you wish to modify it, you can choose which daily budget you want to set up and the date you want that change to take effect.

We strongly recommend not to modify it too often because it could affect the performance of your ads. If you need to make changes for some days, you can program a budget for that period.

❗️ Attention: you cannot make a change for the current day, all modifications will be effective the next day.

Whenever you modify the daily recurrent budget, you must take into account the minimum and maximum investment that your Adtomic plan allows.

Once you have completed the modification, don't forget to click on the "Modify Always on" button.

Scheduled budgets

On this screen, you will be able to visualize all budgets programmed with the total amount you will be investing in the whole period, the daily amount and the dates you have programmed.

You can filter by the name of the programmed budget or create one by clicking on the "New" button.

Create a scheduled budget

👉🏼 Remember to use a name that you can later find in the list of programmed budgets.

When programming a new budget, you must take into account that the amount you set will be added to your daily one. This means that the total you will invest during that day will be the sum of the daily recurrent budget + the daily programmed budget.

If your daily recurrent budget is US$ 5,000 and you want to invest US$ 15,000 per day during an event, you must program US$ 10,000 per day to add it to the recurrent budget.

When you choose the dates and click "Add schedule", you will already have your "special" budget configured for the selected period.

If you want to edit or delete the scheduled budget, you must go to the list and in the column "Actions", click on the pencil or the trash can correspondingly.

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