When we create a dynamic ad, we can choose a group of products to be shown in the ad. One of the options is to allow that product group to be shown only on that ad or to allow it to appear on other ads in combination with other products.

Don’t mix up products

It might so happen that you need the products you selected to make up a group to not mix with other products.

For example, if on your website you uploaded the new collection, but you also have a SALE section, it’s logical for you to not want all the products in a new collection and the sale section to appear on the same carousel.

In that case, you can create a product group with the SALE products and, upon creating dynamic ads, select that group and opt for the option “I do not want shown together in other dynamic ads”.

Thus, the products that you chose as part of the SALE group will only be shown in combination among themselves and they will not show up mixed in with any other product that is not part of the group.

Allowing them to be shown with other products on the site.

This option implies that although the products will be shown together with the rest of the products that are part of the group, there will also be a possibility that they are shown mixed in with other products from the website.

Upon allowing them to be mixed together, we are authorizing products a customer has looked at to be shown to them in remarketing campaigns. This means that they may have seen SALE products or ones from a new collection, and in our campaigns, they will be shown all of those products that they have browsed, regardless of the category.

Why do we recommend mixing products up?

By choosing the option “Allow to be shown together with the rest of website products in other dynamic ads”, what is being done is allowing users that were on your website to be shown carousels that are automatically built with the products that they looked at and added to their cart. This improves performance because we are offering them exactly what interested them from our e-commerce.

If they can’t be mixed together, these automatic carousels will be limited and that restricts the performance potential of the campaigns.

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