To upload a Story as a Custom ad, you will need to fill out some text fields. Here we explain each one of them to you so that you’ll know how to fill them out.

1 – The option will appear to show recommended products or not. We suggest always showing them because the user will see products that we know will interest them and that increases the potential for a purchase 💰

❗️Attention: the recommended products will be a selection of all the products on the website.

If you choose to show products, a “see more” will appear in the story to swipe up and it will redirect you to a page with the recommended products.

2 – Then, you will be able to choose which products will be shown in this ad. We recommend showing all the products, but you will be able to opt between top products or product groups that you have generated.

❗️Attention: if this option does not appear for you, it’s because the top products are not uploaded or because you don’t have any product groups created.

3 – The time has come to upload the creatives. We recommend a video, as it will always have better results, but it can also be an image.

The sizes need to be:


  • Resolution: Greater or equal to 1080x1080 pixels

  • Duration: Less than 20 seconds


  • Resolution: Greater or equal to 1080x1920 pixels

  • Text on the image: 20% or less

4 – In this case, text is not shown. What does need to be added if the landing URL.

📌Clarification: Anytime we add a landing URL, we should think about the products that are being shown. Since we are showing all the products, we can use the homepage URL.

❗️Important: when we show the recommended products, the customer will be able to click on each one of them and that will lead to that particular product’s url itself. The landing URL you enter is the one the generic ad links will lead to.

5 – You have the possibility of scheduling the ads. This means that the ad can run always (choose the always active option) or between dates of your choosing (scheduled).

📌Clarification: the date range is inclusive. This means that the days selected are included in the period during which the ad will be shown.

6 – Last, in Advanced Operations, you should choose what audience you want to show the ad to. You can choose just one or all the options.

This option allows you to upload different creatives for different audience segments.

This means we can reach out and communicate with the new audiences that have never been on the site, showing them in a more generic way what your items for sale are about, and we can reach those who already know your site with a different approach, as well as those who have already purchased.

❗️Attention: If you don’t have a different creative for each audience, we recommend you leave all the options checked in order to maximize your ad reach.

Now, you’ve finished your story configuration!

You can preview it in order to make sure that everything ended up just as you wanted and then click on the confirm button to create it. The preview will show you an example of what will be seen on Instagram.

👉The preview may take a few minutes to generate. We ask you for a little patience😊

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