Before we get started, it is important to clarify that for credit card payments, Google does not issue bills as these payments are made to Google LLC in the United States. However, you can download statements of incurred payments and of consumptions. This statement is issued between the first and the fifth business days of the following month.

If you have a credit line or if you have selected manual payments with a method other than credit card, then you can download bills.

Here are the payment methods available in each country.

Please note: remember that google charges from abroad, which means the payment will always be in dollars, although they are shown in the domestic currency.

Now, to get started, we share a step-by-step guide to download the statements.

👉Log into with the correct access mail and click Tools & Settings.

👉Head over to Billing, and click on Billing Summary.

👉Then go to the option Documents

👉 There you will be able to see the documents of each month. If you have bills, you can download them on this screen. If not, you will download a statement of the billing activities for the indicated period.

👉 You can also visualize the bills or the activity statement through dates, by adding a filter.

You have to select the option "Issue date" and add the months of the documents you want to check.

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