Do you want to know how to configure Facebook Shopping? Here we give you a hand with this step by step guide!

❗️Attention! Before anything else, you are going to need your Adtomic executive to share a feed with you, so ask them for it before starting this configuration.

Step 1

👉Activate the Facebook Shop

i. From your Fanpage, click on Page Settings

ii. Go to the “Templates and tabs” section in the lateral left-hand menu.

iii. Check if you have the “Shop” option available. You will need to scroll down and search among all the options.

If the Shop option does not appear, go to "Templates" and click on “Edit”. There, add the Shop tab.

iv. If you go back to your page, you will see your shop available but empty.

Step 2

👉Add the first product manually

i. From your fan page, click on the option “Shop”.

ii. Select “Add Product”’

iii. Complete the basic product information (photo, name, price description and URL for your shop). You can make it “unpublished”. Then, click on Save.

Step 3

👉Add the product catalog

i. Go to the catalog manager:

ii. Choose the new catalog (the one created when manually adding the product)

iii. Click on Catalog > Data Source

iv. Click on Add Products, on the right-hand side of the screen

v. Select the option “Use Bulk Upload”

vi. Choose Scheduled Feed

v. Paste the URL that your Adtomic executive gave you.

vi. Choose for them to be updated hourly.

vii. Name the feed that we previously uploaded and configure the corresponding currency. Then click on upload.

viii. Click on the right-hand menu “Catalog” and check that the products have uploaded. These may take a while to load.

ix. Go back to the fan page > click on shop > search for the product wee first uploaded > delete it.

Done! Your Facebook shop is activated, and the products will stay up to date.

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