Digital marketing campaigns are very important, but we can assure you that if your

site´s user experience isn´t a good one, no campaign investment will be worth it.

That´s why we find it fundamental to go back over the good practices in order for your store to not scare away potential customers.

Images makes all the difference

One of the main actors when buying decisions are made are the images that you use to showcase your products. It´s super important that your products are shown off and cause people to want to buy them.

👉 The protagonist: your product

  • Show it all off. Upload images from all angles and perspectives so that the person can get to know the product in its entirety. ❗️IMPORTANT: if your product has a special feature that makes it different, show it off with an image that focuses on that feature.

  • Options. Just saying that your product is available in different colors is not the same as seeing photos of those different options. If you offer something in a variety of colors, upload a pic of each one of them. It is essential that the image show the true color. If we want them to buy from us again, we cannot let our customers down.

  • Sizes. In general, images show a product by itself. In some cases, one of the main characteristics of a product is its size. If we want it to be understood that it´s small or large, a good option is to upload a picture that shows it in comparison with some other object of a standard size.

👉When it´s time to shoot

  • Lighting. The key when it comes time to think about lighting is to keep in mind that shadows need to stay as subtle as possible. If little light is used, the shadows will be bigger and the centeredness of the product will be lost in the image, apart from distorting its shape. What´s best? Shooting with sunlight.

  • Neat and even backgrounds. Sometimes due to lack of budget or being in a hurry, we have to shoot pictures of our own product to upload to the online shop. It is ideal of all the products to have the same background, with a single color and texture. If it varies, it needs to make sense if all the pictures are seen together. A tip to making everything look nice and neat is creating a background with cardboard or fabric, which will generate the idea of a limitless space behind the product.

  • Style. For online clothing shops, it will be a lot more striking if we see the piece being worn by a model. Seeing how it looks on someone will make possible customers feel more empathy than with a product that is set up on a rack, inanimately. ❗️Very important point: the images have to be rectangle shaped and vertical, so that the product shows up in its entirety.

  • Electronics, home & bath, and other categories. In this case, opposite of what we just saw, the product needs to show up in a square image, which is why the photo has to be well thought through so it can be shown off in that format.

👉Your e-commerce products

When it comes time to upload images, there are some things you need to be aware of.

  • The images need to be very high-quality. It´s important for them not to pixelate, especially if a zoom in option is included. In these cases, you need to make sure that up close, the image still looks good.

  • It´s fundamental that all the images be the same size. This generates neatness and the feeling of a tidy store. What´s more, if you are going to launch dynamic campaigns with Adtomic, this is the first step for banners to look good and show the corresponding product.

  • The product pics have to be #NoFilter. We´re used to adding filters to everything we share on social media networks, but this practice is not recommended for selling. The image has to be true and show the product just as it is so as to not generate expectations that will later not be fulfilled. Good lighting during the shoot is key to highlighting the best parts of the product.

👉Bring the products to life

E-commerce has to replace the experience of going to a shop, seeing, touching, feeling, and even trying products. That´s why, besides showing what you sell with detailed and clean images, it´s highly recommendable that you upload images where the product can be seen in use. With that, you can give your customers ideas as to the utilization of the product and they will be able to imagine themselves using it.

In this type of images, esthetics go a long way. They need to be well thought out photos, where you show what you want the customers to think about your brand and what you want the to relate your product to.

You can also think about uploading a video of the product in use, showing off all of its features. With moving pictures, you will leave less room for doubt as to its details.

👉Custom images in our App

Beyond the fact that it´s ideal for you to have your images uploaded to our online shop, we also have the option of uploading custom images from our app. You can upload for each product, replacing the ones we select from your website for our ads. Here we leave you with more information about this function.

Shipping costs

Having a good logistics service is key for getting a customer who has already purchased from us, to buy from us again. If the shipping experience is poor, that will affect your business very negatively. Along these lines, a balance has to be found between satisfying the needs of the customer and offering a good price.

👉Think about offering free shipping

The cost of logistics is a high percentage and we understand that it isn´t always possible to offer free shipping. However, the reality is that it’s a good investment. If the costs work out, don´t doubt that it will be worth it. This is a very important point when it comes time to purchase.

In case you can´t do so, think about at what number you could start to offer it. This means a threshold from which sale minus cost of shipping will still give you profit. That way, at least those who buy a larger quantity of your products, receive that prize.

This also stimulates anyone who is close to that amount to maybe purchase more of something in order to reach it and obtain free shipping.

👉Be clear

There is nothing more bothersome than finishing the purchasing process, getting to the shipping fee calculation and the price ending up being disproportionate. That, without a doubt, is one of the reasons why a person may not end up buying at all. From the very beginning, always make it clear that there will be a shipping fee and allow the user to access a cost chart. If you let them know, they won’t feel betrayed!

👉 Do you frequently do market research?

Compare prices and services as much as you can. It´s probable that you will be able to pay less by sacrificing a few things that aren´t so significant to the smooth running of your business.


Are you offering interesting discounts? Do you think you´re offering too many discounts? As with everything, you need to find a balance.

👉Get on board all of the events

During holiday and event periods, it´s very important that you be present with meaningful discounts. People are waiting for those moments to make purchases because they expect to find good deals.

Not being there is like distancing yourself from the public. The most common practice in online shopping is to look for sales, as well as quality and brands.

👉Make discounts real

When you offer discounts, make sure that it really is a benefit for the user. Lots of shops jack up the price in order to later discount a percentage, and in the end, it ends up costing the same as before the sale. Buyers aren´t stupid and they are probably watching the prices before the sales, with which if you do something like this, they will realize, and it will greatly jeopardize the user experience.

👉Don´t exaggerate either

Depending on what your business is, what products you sell and what your strategy is, maybe it won´t be useful for you to get your potential customer used to there always being discounts and sales.

If what you want is to focus on a more exclusive clientele, constantly offering discounts can generate one of two reactions in the users: on one hand, it will worsen the idea that they have about your brand and on the other, they won´t buy anything unless it´s on sale. Even more so, brands that have sales all the time can be related to something on a more mass scale and less exclusive.

In this case, we recommend that you only offer them for a season, meaning, if someone buys something from the previous season, if there is a large purchase for a certain amount, if you are asking them for information in exchange, or if there is some kind of event or commercial action underway.

❗️Attention! In the case of a retail store that has a more massive public, constantly having discounts makes sense and, what´s more, it works as a strategy to control stock.

Product Offers

👉Product descriptions

You need to pay attention to the product descriptions because this is overlooked much of the time, but this point has a great deal of relevance when it comes time for improving the customer experience.

The idea is that the person who wants to purchase would do so without any doubts, which means that in the description we need to answer all possible questions that can be asked.

We recommend you keep in mind:

  • Product details: a description of the characteristics of the product.

  • Product options: if there are colors or sizes.

  • Size of the display model: if it´s clothing, it´s important to clarify what the person shown wearing the clothes is like in order to give a real idea to a possible buyer.

  • Material and special care: if the product is clothing, what needs to be kept in mind when washing.

  • Shipping and payment methods: tell them if it is free, if it has a cost, what company distributes it, how many days it will take, what payment methods are offered and what benefits are available with credit card payment.

  • Exchanges and returns: show the conditions that must be met in order to receive a refund or exchange a product.

👉Product Rotation

It´s very important to have control over what you are offering and whether or not you are being innovative enough with your products.

It is recommended that you check:

👉Whether you are offering products that are related to the season

👉Whether the products that are most sold are in stock or not

👉If it´s possible to offer any other products

Trying out new products is always a good option to improve the experience on your site. It´s ideal to think about your potential customer and decipher what it is that they are expecting from you. Also, research what the competition is offering as a good exercise to not be left behind or in order to think up new ideas that go beyond those of other businesses.

Wait times and tested buying processes

It´s extremely important that the shop work well. Buyers are used to optimized pages and the wait times that they are willing to put up with are shorter and shorter. If your page has problems loading, you definitely have a big disadvantage.

That´s why it´s very necessary to become a user every once in a while, and check that everything is functioning as it should. In your run through, you will also be able to see usability issues that can be improved.

One of the most important moments of the purchase that you need to be on top of is that of purchase confirmation. This is a very sensitive stage because the person will need to provide all of their card information and it needs to be done as quickly and easily as possible so that the process can be finished, and they won´t get cold feet half way through.

A good practice would be to take a look at the number of purchases in relation to the number of people that began check out. Thought it is totally logical that not all of those that started the payment process will end up purchasing, you can have a follow up of how that percentage varies over time.

If you see that the percentage of people that start the check out and end up buying diminishes, you will them have to analyze what´s happening in the last stage of the purchasing process.

You can surely analyze this from your e-commerce platform, but you can also go into your Facebook pixel and see the number of users from there that reached each step in the purchasing process of the shop.

To access the Pixel, you will need to sign into the Facebook ads manager, go to Business Tools and click on Events Manager.

Going into the Pixel that is pasted on the website, you will be able to check each one of the events by date and evaluate the Purchase / Initiate Checkout proportion.

We hope that all of these points will help you to think about your website and how to improve it. A good experience on the site is a happy customer. And a happy customer is a loyal customer.

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