To get started, we think it’s important to be able to discuss what your objectives are and if they are designed in relation to the stage that your online store finds itself.

If you’re just getting your online store up and running, and your brand is new as well, before focusing on generating sales, you need to prioritize the relationship with your potential customers, getting them to visit your website and getting them to know your brand. In that case, your objectives have to be centered not so much on how much you sell, but how many people visited your site.

For the stores that are already installed in the market, it’s easier to make sales because the audience already knows the brand, and what’s more, they have a level of traffic on their site that allows them to have a broader base to work with for converting visits into sales.

So, before worrying about the results, the terrain needs to be prepared to get to the point at which the users become familiar with your brand, your site, and finally decide to purchase.

On that note, our campaigns are aimed at not just generating sales, but rather attracting new visitors to your website and social media, as well as building up the relationship between the customers and your brand.

Even so, there are some issues that you have to keep in mind to get the most out of your ads and our tool.

Prices and discounts proposal

One of the reasons why your online store isn’t selling all that you would like could be related to the prices and discounts you offer.

The example we always use is that if you sell a telephone for 2,000 dollars, but the competition sells it for 1,000, it’ll be really hard for a customer to end up deciding on your business, especially if your brand isn’t that well-known yet. Adtomic is a tool that enhances your sales, but we don’t do magic!

Product offering

We also advise that you take a look at:

👉 whether you are offering products that are related to the season

👉 if your best-selling products are in stock

👉 if it’s possible to offer other products

Trying out new products can be an option to picking up the pace of your e-commerce. What’s best is to think about your potential customer and decipher what it is that they are expecting from you. Mix up adapting your offer to what the customer wants and to the essence of your brand can improve sales-wise.

How are you displaying your products?

One of the main reasons why people decide to purchase is due to the site experience. Although this includes several angles, we can say that one of the most important ones is the collection of images with which you display your products. In this article we leave you some tips and good practices for your online store.

❗️Attention: if you have good-looking images for only some of the products and you don’t want to upload them to your store so that there won’t be a huge difference with the rest, you can use the custom images function of our tool.

Ads esthetics

According to the Adtomic plan you have, your ads will run with custom templates designed by your brand. In this case, if you’re not seeing the results you hoped for, it’s a good time to change up the creatives and renew the brand image.

Your products will be shown in our ads with a new esthetic, catching the attention of your potential customers. This will refresh their desire to visit your site!

To change the banner, contact our support team on our chat or write to

Are you taking advantage of our app as much as possible?

From our platform, you have several options to make your ads more striking and have better performance.


Just as we mentioned to you before, if the images that are uploaded on your website have a white background and show the product in an inanimate manner, you can upload personalized images to our app. These images replace the ones we automatically glean from your online store. To learn more about this function, check out this article.

Text Modification

Just as we recommend you change up the banners, we also think that it’s important that you change the texts and update the communication about the deals and benefits that you offer.

In this article we tell you more about how personalized texts work and how to modify them.

Highlighted products and personalized product collections

By utilizing these functions, you will be able to highlight a series of products above the rest of the ones on your website.

We recommend that in the highlighted products, you mix up the ones you know are best-sellers, the ones that can only be found on your site, and the ones you want to sell the most urgently. The idea is for it to be a hook for your potential customers to see and want to purchase.

As far as product collections go, you will be able to bunch products according to the criteria you see most fit. A good option is to create product collections of the categories that are most sold on your site. Later you will be able to add a specific text and create personalized ads (stories, collections) that target them.

Create personalized ads

From our app, you can create stories, collections, fixed carousels, and dynamic carousel covers in a very easy way. In these formats, brand videos and images are shown accompanied by suggested products. Displaying more polished creatives such as, campaign videos for example, are a real hook for your potential customers. You show them your products and your brand’s esthetic line in a more creative way.

Get to know more about how personalized ads work by going here.

Pay attention to your social networks’ content

It’s important for you to keep your social networks updated by uploading relevant and quality content. Why? Because that’s where you will be able to generate a relationship with your followers and that’s the basis for turning them into customers.

What’s more, the audiences of fans and interactions with your networks can be very useful when it comes time to create campaigns, with which it’s key that you pay attention.

If you have a little more of a budget, we recommend that you invest along the lines of your social media posts in order to enhance your content, which will increase the reach of your posts and generate more interested people in your brand.

Get on board with special events and dates

During Black Friday, sales possibilities increase. Why? Because people are awaiting these dates to make important purchases with the expectation of finding good discounts. Therefore, it’s important that your store have a good deal on products and benefits to take advantage of the wave of users with thirst to consume.

The same thing happens on special days such as Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Friendship’s Day, Women’s Day, and Christmas. In these cases, possible buyers are more open towards buying and they’re also on the lookout for the best deals. Being alert and prepared for these occasions is key to improving your ads’ performance.


Having a Return on Investment (ROAS) objective is important to being able to measure whether your results are okay with you or not. This implies thinking about what percentage of your profit you are willing to invest in digital marketing. The ROAS calculation is income/investment.

If the campaign ROAS is not what you expected or what you need to come out on top with the numbers, then you can think about lowering the investment so that the relationship between income and investment will be satisfactory.

Our platform will optimize the remaining investment and orient it to the campaigns that generate the most sales. In this way, the budget will be invested efficiently and result in the highest Return on Investment.

Once you define your objectives based on what stage your store is at, you can put all these points into practice so as to improve your ads’ results. Do you have more questions about results? Get in touch with us!

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