First of all, it-s important to clarify that Facebook does not issue receipts but rather what it generates are billing invoices.

If you have a line of credit with your account, Facebook will generate an invoice similar to a receipt, but externally generated, and called an invoice.

On the other hand, Facebook has a peculiar way of billing. It doesn’t have a linear logic, but is rather based on generating trust, with which the first few billings will be for small amounts, in order to later increase the billing cutoff.

Okay, now we can move on to the step by step guide on how to download invoices.

👉 Log into the business manager with your access email at and click on the business settings button that appears at the top right.

👉Once inside, in the left-hand menu, click on Accounts and then ad accounts.

👉Click on the ad account from which you want to download the invoices and check if you are on the People list. In case you don’t have access as a person, you should add yourself.

👉Once added, click on the button that appears in the upper right-hand corner of the screen: Open in Ads Manager.

👉 A new screen will appear and in the left-hand menu, you should click on "Business Tools" and then choose "billing"

👉Once on the Billing screen, define the dates from which you would like to obtain the invoices and click on Update.

👉Then, click on the Download All Invoices button and choose if you want the individual invoices or a summary of them all.

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