Why is it important to customize the texts in your google ads?

When users search on Google, they will click those ads that are closer to what they are searching for and attract their attention, that’s why the key is to add your brand’s mark and the benefits you offer.

A brand that is close to their public, that is caring and that constantly updates its content is a brand that sells better. Besides, it is fundamental for communicating promotions and events.

The more relevant information you offer your potential clients, the higher the possibility of them clicking your ad instead of your competitors’.

How to change Google Ads texts

👉From our platform, to edit the texts, you have to enter the menu and click Google Ads. There you will see the Customized Texts option.

👉There you will have to enter two text options. This is for Google to test and show more times the one that shows better results.

👉For the title you can enter up to 30 characters. We recommend you to choose an aspect of your site or product that catches the attention of the potential buyer. Take into account the changes in the season, events with discounts and promotions, for instance.

❗️Please note: do not use emojis or exclamation or question marks. Google may not approve the ads due to this. Learn more about this limitation in this article.

👉In the description, talk about your business’s value proposal in 90 characters. Before you write it, read the extensions section to learn what is automatically included.

👉The first header is dynamic and will match the search term used by the Google user. In this example, the person should have searched for “Demo ok” for the ad to look like this.

You can also program copies!

This is ideal for events or promotions running on certain dates. To do this, you have to click the option ”program new copy” which appears on the top right side of the screen.

👉Once you are there, select the dates in which you wish the copy to run and click “accept”.

👉Then, enter the texts and save chances.

❗️Please note: once the chosen date has passed, the default copies will start running again.

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