In this article we will explain briefly what they are.

Extensions add further information to Google ads, making them more relevant for the user who is performing the search.

In our campaigns, we use three types: callout extensions, sitelink extensions and structured snippet extensions. They are automatic. and google generates different combinations and assesses them according to the results.

👉Callout Extensions. They will appear in a line below the description, and they add information about your online store and the services available in it.

👉Sitelink extension: These are links that appear below the ad and redirect to the categories of the site. This is a faster and simpler link for a person who is interested in making a purchase.

👉 Structured Snippet extensions . Different categories of the website are shown as text below the ad description. It shows more information about what you sell, which increases the chances of generating a purchase.

By showing extensions, the quality of the ad is increased, and Google takes this into account when they position it and when they calculate the price of the click.

Creating extensions

It is not yet possible to create extensions from our site, but here’s a step by step guide to create one from your Google Ads account.

❗️ Please note: we recommend to leave the extensions which were automatically generated by Adtomic, which are approved by Google and yield good click results. We suggest creating new ones only if it is actually necessary to do so.

➡️ Step 1

Log into your Google Ads account. Remember to do it with the corresponding Gmail account. On the left-hand side menu, click "Ads & Extensions” > "Extensions"

➡️ Step 2

Once you are logged in, click the “+” symbol which you will see at the top-left and select “Sitelink extension”.

➡️ Step 3

Complete the required fields in order to create the extensions.

Add the information you want to include with the extension.

👉🏼 It is important to check that where it says “Add to”, the option “Account” is selected.

👉🏼 In “Sitelink Text” you have to add the text that will appear in blue in the search. This is the clickable text which will redirect to the landing page.

👉🏼 The description lines may or may not be completed. We suggest that you complete them, as it will grant more visibility and information to the person performing the search.

👉🏼 Final URL. This is the URL to which these extensions will redirect. You can’t create 2 sitelink extensions with the same final URL. If you used “Amazing Discounts” in “Sitelink Text”, for instance, make sure that this URL redirects to this category on your site.

➡️ Step 4

Once you have filled these first four fields, you will have to repeat the process for the next sitelink. Google indicates that you should generate at least 4 sitelink extensions, but you can generate more. When you have finished completing everything, click "Save". Done! You have created your extensions.

❗️ Please note: bear in mind that sitelink extensions won’t be shown immediately. Instead, they will be first revised by Google. This may take a couple or hours

Once they are approved, they will look like this example:

Editing extensions

Our campaigns are launched automatically with Callout extensions. To edit them, head over once more to "Ads & Extensions” > "Extensions".

In this screen, towards the bottom, you will find the Callouts.

To edit them, you must click "Callout”. You will see a section with all the extensions that are loaded in the account.

🗑 You can remove any of them by selecting them and clicking "Remove".

✏️ You can edit them by clicking on the pencil icon that appears when you hover the cursor over it.

❗️Please note: we do not recommend to eliminate any extension, as these are already proved to work and approved by Google.

You can also create a new one by clicking the + at the left-hand side of the screen.

Remember to create them for the account and then enter the extensions you wish to add.

Once they are approved, they will start being shown in your ads.

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