Why is it important that the Google payment method be active?

If the payment method is not active, Google campaigns will stop running. This means that those users who search your products or your brand through google will not find your ad and will more likely click in the competitors’ ads.

Remember that Google campaigns are a key complement to the ones you run on Facebook: many users will see your ads in Instagram and Facebook and then search your brand or product in google. It’s important to make sure that your ad is shown in these searches!

How to add a payment method for Google Ads

1 - Head over to http://ads.google.com/ and log in using the gmail account that has access as payment user in the Google Ads Account. If you don’t know if you are the payment user, follow these steps anyway and you will know it on step 5.

2 - Click on “Tools and Settings” at the top

3 - Click on “Billing” and then on “Billing summary”.

4 - On the bottom right of the screen. You will see a “Payment type” screen. Click on “Manage payment methods”

5 - Click on the box that says“ Add payment method” and complete the information of your credit card.

❗️Please note: if you are not the payment contact, you will see a window which indicates that you can’t add another payment method. In this case, you will have to contact the person who has access.

To know who has access, you will have to enter the left-hand menu and go to Settings.

At the bottom you will find a section of payment users, in which you will see those users that can add or change a payment method. Ask that user to make the change!

6 - In case you want to change to a manual payment method, you will have to contact our support center!

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