In order to upload the Life Time Value database, you will need to have a .csv with two columns: email and historic value of the customer’s purchases. The name of each column should be email and value.

Once we have this file, you will need to log into Facebook business manager > go to your ad account and click on "Open in ads manager"

Now, follow the following steps:

👉Click on Business Tools > Audiences

👉Then, click on Create custom audience

👉Choose the option Customer list

👉 Click on Next

👉Click on "Yes" > Next

👉 Upload the file and then enter the name: CROSS_LTV_N/A. Entering this name is essential for us to be able to use this database to feed our campaigns. Click on Next.

👉 Select the value column > Next

👉 Click on "Upload and Create"

❗️ If you don’t have the lifetime value of customer purchases, you can still upload a database with their emails. Follow the same step by step guide, uploading it with the same name, but clicking on NO when it asks if you have the customer value.

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