For our dynamic campaigns, we will glean certain data from your website’s products, such as price, sale price, product name, and an image of it. This means that our ads will be shown with the first image of the product that appears on your e-commerce.

In many cases, the product images are inanimate, with a white background, and although this works to show them on your website, they could be uninteresting for our ads. This is why we offer you the possibility to upload more flashy campaign images that will show the product in use and that will develop a more personalized concept around your brand.

How is this done?

It’s very easy!

Follow this step by step guide!

Log into our app, click on the “Facebook ads” option, and then on “Product Catalog”.

Here you will find all the products that you have in your e-commerce with their respective images. In the search bar you can enter in the name or product ID that you wish to find.

In this section, you'll also find variables like price, category and "in stock" / "out of stock" information.

Modify the product image in our ads

Upon selecting one of the products, you will be able to upload an image that you want to be shown from now on. Remember that it has to be 1080x1080.

Since these custom images tend to be high quality, nice-looking, and neat, we will show them in our ads without add-ons so that they really stand out: without a banner, without prices, without a product name. The only thing we will add is a discount badge when it applies.

Beware! These images will only be shown in the carousels in which all the products have custom images. Why? Because it wouldn’t be tidy nor esthetic to show a well-polished image beside one that has a white background.

For that reason, we recommend that when you upload custom images, you do so for all the products in a set of products. Thus, ads using that set will show the images you have chosen.

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